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About Me

Justin R. Villanueva

Filmmaker, Photographer, Creative Designer

Currently resides in Los Angeles, previously lived in Washington D.C. and worked as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. Collection of work showcases a well-balanced mix of portraits, art and culture centric documentaries, and more.

Love investing in communities and telling stories that build radical empathy. Has collaborated with numerous brands and organizations, ranging from Comcast, Microsoft, Kennedy Center, LULAC, Nike, Deloitte, [solidcore] and VSCO.

Currently works with artists and musicians from D.C. and LA.



Past Experience

Creative Team Lead
The Villa Company
Washington, DC

Feb 2021 -March 2022

  • Lead the full creative team by making all design decisions and setting the overall creative direction that best aligns with business objectives

  •  Manage multiple clients’ deliverables by delegating appropriately while achieving own benchmarks to ensure deadlines are met with high production standards

  • Strategize results-based media initiatives for regional clients like Microsoft and [solidcore] by conducting market research, storyboarding projects, creating production spreadsheets, mapping out relevant aesthetics, and creating visual branding guidelines

  • Coordinate production teams of up to 15 people in accordance with client budget

  • Partnered with Comcast to produce a video campaign for Black History Month

Director of Photography
Crate for Everything
Washington DC

Feb 2019 - Feb 2021

  • Managed productions by coordinating schedules, budgets, transportation, and meals and increased production efficiency by implementing SOP and Data Management systems for principle photography and post production teams.

  • Implemented various systems to coordinate studio logistics, track scheduling, and manage inventory

  •  Integrated Adobe Teams to our company's workflow to ensure fluid project management

  • Organized and hosted multiple community art galleries and community-building initiatives for creatives in the

    DC, Maryland, and Virginia area

Freelance, Contractor
JrobVisuals LLC
Aug 2015 - Jan 2021

  • Collaborated with brands in the beauty, fashion and culinary industries

  • Kept $10,000 productions running smoothly by coordinating schedules, budgets, transportation and meals

  • Created an array of documentary styled social media marketing videos from start to finish within 1 week

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